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#womensupportingwomen let’s just say yes to that! Thinking of all the wonderful women who have loved, supported, taught, nurtured, and inspired me throughout my life. Thank you. And thanks @maritaneedles @nancylivingstonvogt and @annkroeker for the challenge. Let’s keep@supporting one another. #challengeaccepted 
And thanks @alicia_oneil for taking that B/W photography class in HS! 😉
BonjourBonnie here on this Bastille Day with a little TBT of a glorious memory from our beloved France. Vive l’indépendance! Vive la famille!
Laughing together for 26 years, and counting, with my sister of another mother. ❤️
No black tie attire for this year’s virtual JDRF Gala. But not even a pandemic and a virtual Gala can stop the generosity of our donors who trust JDRF with their investment in a cure for T1D. This weekend we raised over (drumroll please) $1.9M for research to cure, prevent, and treat T1D!! Thank you everyone! We can’t stop the momentum toward a cure now!
#jdrf #jdrfgreaterdelawarevalleycapter #curet1d #curetype1 #curediabetes #t1d #type1diabetes #type1strong #typeonetypenone #jdrfgala #notdressedup
I talk a lot about selfless love in my forthcoming book Chronic Hope. Now more than ever we all need to learn how to love one another better.
#livelove #loveoneanother #chronichopebook #t1dmom #t1d #t1dstrong
A surprise sighting on my walk today. This intrepid plodder was still there when I returned an hour later. Feels like the journey of writing a book. Glad to be near the finish line. Slow and steady wins the race...
#amwriting #slowandsteady #chronichopebook
A sweet end to a busy Memorial Day Weekend. Lots of book editing for me. Until tonight. Tonight we remember my Dad who served in Patton’s Army in WW2. And my uncle who gave his life in WW2 in North Africa. Let freedom ring.
A power outage while sheltering at home seems unusually cruel. More than eight hours in; how many more to go?
#shelteringinplace #quarantinelife #powerout #poweroutshelterin #quarantine #turnthelightsbackon
Last night fear pressed in hard, the full weight of it eclipsing my attempt at sound sleep. Fears over nothing. Fears over everything. 
Daylight brings a new perspective and clearer thinking. I remember to look for the good, the beautiful, and the sacred. It’s still there beyond the darkness. 
#chronichopebook #type1strong #t1dstrong #type1mom #t1dlife #beyondtype1 #t1dfamily #t1d #hope #chronichope #nofear #typeonediabetes #diabeteslife #childrenwithdiabetes #jdrf #type1family

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