Music has always been hugely inspirational for me. Perhaps it’s because I grew up playing classical piano or that my son’s facility with the guitar has given me a deep appreciation for his favorite instrument. Perhaps I am simply drawn to the perfect marriage of poetry and melody.

When I am preparing content for a book or a retreat, I have found that worship music is often the perfect accompaniment to the written or spoken word, allowing Biblical truths to penetrate deeper into our mind and spirit.

For each book and retreat I have developed, I have assembled a collection of music whose themes parallel the themes I am exploring. I hope you enjoy listening to them and that they bless you as much as they have blessed me!

Each of these Playlists may be accessed on Spotify under the playlists of Bonnie Woods O’Neil. They are:

Worship 1

My Identity is in Christ

Designed for Another Kingdom

Desires, Dreams, Calling