Reflections on the Journey

True Grit in Hard Times

When times are good and we’re feeling strong and victorious, it’s far easier to remember God loves us. But when it’s ourhead delivered into the hands of our enemy, it’s harder to trust God still has our back and run to him for refuge and strength.


I’m the texting type – a day in the life of T1D

I have been surrounded by loved ones affected by type 1 diabetes (T1D) my entire life—first as a sister, and then as a mother. And while raising a child with T1D has certainly given me a front-row seat to the challenges of managing this complicated disease, it was only recently that I was invited to step into the moccasins of a friend who has been living courageously with T1D for close to 30...


Living Fully Alive

It was the ninth day of Christmas, the day to sing of nine ladies dancing, or if you’re more practical, the day marking the return to work and school, and with it, the inevitable return to the natural rhythms of life. The day began like any other, but quickly, and unexpectedly, took a turn in a direction I could never have predicted.  The sad news came from many sources, as one tale of...


A Walk to Remember

  The rain fell in continuous sheets that week, as it had for most of the summer and early autumn. Every day I checked the weather report, wondering if this would be the first year we would walk in the rain at the annual JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes. But Walk Day arrived, and with it, a miraculous parting of the clouds, and the first glimmer of sunshine we had seen in weeks.   They...


Through a Child’s Eyes

  This photo has stood sentry on my dressing table for as long as I can remember. It’s one of those cheesy shopping mall photos - the Christmas tree isn’t real, but the smiles on my boys’ faces certainly are. In the eyes of the one, I see the strength and assurance that comes with being the first-born. In the eyes of the other, I see the twinkle of mischief, and a giggle forming on the...


God, Improv, and the Art of Living

  When we cry out to God in the moments of our deepest desperation, who do we envision staring back at us? An all-knowing, all-powerful God who should act in our best interests, but sometimes doesn’t? When faced with a major life decision where we lay our choices before God, and are met, not with an answer, but with deafening silence, how does this shape our view of God? How can we begin...


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