Chronic Hope

Raising a Child with Chronic Illness with Grace, Courage, and Love

From the first page, Bonnie O’Neil draws parents into her story of shattered expectations and broken dreams. She shares her honest and deeply personal journey raising a child with type 1 diabetes, illuminating the heartbreak parents experience after their child’s diagnosis with chronic illness. 

Chronic Hope delivers practical insight and solutions while avoiding the tone of a typical self-help book. Instead, it reads like a conversation with a friend, where one parent’s stories give the other parent permission to feel the full range of their emotions and encourages them to discover hope in the long journey. Through story and reflection, Bonnie gently shares a vision of navigating chronic disease with strength, resilience and loving self-sacrifice.

My Identity Is In Christ

Discovering the Freedom God Always Intended

Maybe it’s your career, your physical appearance, your family. How can you learn to change the way you think about your identity and make the shift from a worldly definition to a biblical one?

Travel with Bonnie O’Neil on a journey of the heart as she explores the lives of nine women in the Bible whose struggles to find their identity are remarkably like our own in the 21st century.

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