Chronic Hope

Chronic Hope

Chronic Hope is a long drink of cool water for the parent thirsting for practical wisdom in navigating the emotional stress of raising their chronically ill child.

From the first page, Bonnie O’Neil draws parents into her story of shattered expectations and broken dreams. She shares her honest and deeply personal journey raising a child with type 1 diabetes, illuminating the heartbreak parents experience after their child’s diagnosis with chronic illness. Chronic Hope delivers practical insight and solutions while avoiding the tone of a typical self-help book. Instead, it reads like a conversation with a friend, where one parent’s stories give the other parent permission to feel the full range of their emotions and encourages them to discover hope in the long journey. Through story and reflection, Bonnie gently shares a vision of navigating chronic disease with strength, resilience and loving self-sacrifice.



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About the Book

Chronic Hope leverages one family’s journey raising a child with chronic illness and provides readers the tools necessary to process their own emotional responses to the unexpected path ahead of them. 

Leaning on the author’s personal experience as a caregiver to introduce topics, themes, and strategies, Bonnie O’Neil shares kitchen table wisdom in the tone of a friend who’s been there―a fellow parent who truly understands. Thematically, Chronic Hope begins deep within the heart of the caregiver and gradually works itself outward into each relationship within the family, and eventually into the wider world. Readers witness Bonnie’s mistakes and missteps, glean from her revelations, and find inspiration in the principles and attitudes she begins to apply to everyday situations.

Chronic Hope offers a fresh vision of hope in the darkest valleys of illness, suffering, and broken dreams.


“We can all learn about navigating the most difficult of circumstances from Bonnie O’Neil and her beautiful writing in Chronic Hope. Grounded in the story of three diagnoses of type 1 diabetes in her family, Bonnie teaches us about the power of hope. Her lessons will apply not only to those impacted by diabetes, but importantly, to anyone experiencing dark times and in need of a roadmap to sunlight.”
"Type 1 diabetes requires around-the-clock care, with life and death decisions being made daily. Caregivers of children living with any chronic disease have a unique burden, taking an emotional toll for which there has never been a clear guide. Chronic Hope is that guide; Bonnie’s experiences, advice, and insight form an invaluable resource for parents of the recently diagnosed, as well as seasoned caregivers experiencing burnout.”
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