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The calendar may say Halloween but my heart says Christmas! Look what came in the mail today!! So many emotions right now. I can hardly believe there are actual words inside this cover...words that I wrote, stories that I have lived and that have shaped me profoundly. I’m so excited to share Chronic Hope with the world! 
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Standing before the stately maple as her leaves of summer green turn their inevitable shades of fiery red, I’m reminded some things in this uncertain world are indeed certain. Like the pull of the tides. The rising of the sun. And the turning of the seasons. 
And that’s enough - even given the uncertainty of illness, politics, and the future - for my heart to rest in HOPE.
“Hope can always be found when we’re ready to open our eyes to it.” ~ Chronic Hope
#hope #chronichopebook #beautifulfall #seekhope #curet1d #t1dstrong
The whole fam comin’ at ya today to ask for your help in creating a world without type 1 diabetes. The JDRF Walk has gone 100% virtual but we need your help now more than ever to fund real research that really does change lives. Please copy and paste this link to read my story and consider investing today in a world without T1D. 💙💙💙
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A study in pinks and greens. One, the fading bloom of summer, the other, the promise of a new season that awaits. 
What are you glad to let go of in this season? What new thing are you looking forward to?
#lettinggo #newbeginning #hopeinthejourney #chronichopebook
First attempt at a French Cassoulet. Perfect for a chilly fall day. BonjourBonnieO has a happy tummy tonight!

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