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We have marked the 12 Days of Christmas. All the ladies have danced, the lords have leapt, and the drummers have drummed. Christmas has come to an end. Today we celebrate Epiphany, the revelation to the world of Jesus not as a baby, but as Lord and King. 
How might we mark the revelation of such a great gift in our own hearts during this season of Epiphany? 
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I found myself up before dawn on this shortest day of the year. Perhaps so I wouldn’t risk missing a single drop of the sun’s golden rays. I think, more likely, my uncharacteristic early rising was due to a desire not to miss any of the gifts of these final days of Advent. During Advent we recognize that waiting is a gift. Longing is a gift. They awaken us to our humanity and our dependence on our gracious God. 
Our time of waiting with the Holy One as we listen for the invitations of Advent is drawing to a close. I rise to listen in the stillness of the pre-dawn hours for his quiet voice awakening me to the deepest desires and longings of my heart. As I press in, I hear his voice calling back to me. I do not wait and watch and desire alone. 
The long wait is almost over. Christmas is coming soon. Come thou long expected Jesus.
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