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The tree blazed fire as I ran past it this warm November day. Its glow beckons me to turn back for a closer look. Her leaves drip red like droplets of blood in the setting sun. 
November is National Diabetes Month, when we honor all who bravely live with T1D every day. How many drops of blood, I wonder, did my son shed in the 13 years before wearing a continuous glucose monitor? 28,830. That’s 28,830 drops of blood by finger prick blood test followed by 28,830 insulin or glucose dosing decisions just to stay alive.
The world is ablaze with unseen heroes. Those who live with complicated health challenges yet seem to take it all in stride. Today I honor my son and my sister, my T1D heroes. 
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Sunday was World Diabetes Day, when we pause in thanks for the discovery of insulin and look forward in HOPE to a world without T1D. Here, a few words of HOPE for every fatigue-drenched parent of a T1D out there, taken from my book Chronic Hope. 

“Why do we hope? We hope because we must. To deny hope is to remain clothed in a shroud of despair.
Sooner or later every one of us who bears human flesh will come face to face with suffering and despair. Our child’s diagnosis with chronic illness has simply hastened our awareness of this reality. How we handle suffering and despair is largely influenced by our vision of hope.
Before our child’s diagnosis we lived in the light of peace, joy, and expectation for our future. In the early days post-diagnosis, darkness threatened to block the light forever. Even a transcendent hope, buoyed by faith, can be damaged in these days. In time, we come to realize hope dwells in the shadow land. The deeper the shadow, the greater our need to trust in hope. You may not yet sense hope’s presence—not much is visible in the darkest recesses of despair—but you can trust hope is waiting for you there. These passing shadows won’t block the light forever. Living in hope is living in the confidence that the light will re-emerge to replace the darkness.”
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The calendar may read mid-November but my heart still beats in time with summer.
#latefallgarden #gardensurprise #summerdreaming #holdingontosummer
I planted this dahlia believing the promise of a late-summer and early fall bloom. I waited and waited, despairing of ever seeing more than one pink blossom at a time. Until this week. In the season of burnt-hued mums and orangey pumpkins, a glorious show of summertime pink has erupted in my garden, reminding me never to give up hope. 
Hope can always be found when we’re ready to open our eyes to it. 
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