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Morning light
Three days ago we were dripping in frozen wet snow. Today the sun ☀️ streams through my window panes drenching everything in glorious light. Even the birds outside are singing this morning. They know. Winter’s slumber won’t last forever. New light and life will awaken and refresh our weary souls. Keep holding on.
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“There are times we just need our family and friends to sit with us and listen, and hold the suffering with us.”
These wise words are from my friend Donna Duffey who knows the sting of isolation as a parent caregiver. Her daughter lives with the double diagnosis of Down Syndrome and autism. Donna has incredible wisdom to share!
For more of this fascinating interview with @duffey48 please see the YouTube link in bio. Her positive spirit and ability to see it all as “gift” will inspire you!
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The weekend began dripping in snow and ice, but this morning we emerged into glorious light. Can spring be far behind?
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Lenten stillness
Another heavy blanket of snow gently falls today. It seems an especially appropriate welcome to this year’s Lenten season. The usual hum of life outside is silenced, inviting me to more interior reflections. How will I choose to honor this sacred season this year? 
One year ago, the whole world came to an abrupt halt just a few weeks into Lent, and with that chaos came an abrupt halt to my Lenten practices. Wasn’t I already sacrificing enough navigating the fear of surviving a pandemic? Adding comfort food, drink, and habits seemed more the order of the season than subtracting them from my life. False comfort became my lifeline. 
While some of the fear and restrictions have lifted, life feels far from the expansive, free gift I once took for granted. How do I honor Lent in these times when even the word “Lent” itself evokes images of limits and austerity? 
The silence of this snowy day is my tutor. Perhaps my greatest need right now is to quiet my mind and soul each day and settle into an awareness of God’s personal love for me. Without using words or fancy prayers. Just steeping in God-love. Cross-oriented love. Resurrection love. Could the best Lenten offering of a pandemic-parched soul simply be to quiet my heart long enough to hear the Creator of the universe say to me, “You are my beloved.”
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The gentleness of a winter’s afternoon sun makes it my favorite kind of light. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a summer lover through and through. Born in the late-July heat and celebrating every birthday at the Jersey shore, I wait for summer each year with great anticipation. But the light of a deep mid-winter day fills my heart with a different kind of joy. A joy springing not from activity, but from stillness. Winter light invites reflection that tills the soil of the mind, restoring wholeness, and preparing us for busier days ahead. In the hush I sense an invitation to quiet my own heart and notice beauty brimming all around me. #hopecanalwaysbefound #hope 
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#hopewriterlife #hopewriters #holdontohope #winterlight #winterhush
A little birdie told me it’s time to launch Chronic Hope into the world! I would love your help spreading the word! Please join me and others as we share with our friends about this important book on HOPE. Read more about it in the link in bio ☝️ and join us! 
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