My Identity Is In Christ

My Identity Is In Christ

Discovering The Freedom God Always Intended

If you’re like most women, you sometimes find yourself struggling to find your identity in the things around you.

Maybe it’s your career, your physical appearance, your family. How can you learn to change the way you think about your identity and make the shift from a worldly definition to a biblical one?

Travel with Bonnie O’Neil on a journey of the heart as she explores the lives of nine women in the Bible whose struggles to find their identity are remarkably like our own in the 21st century.

Most women juggle many perceived needs—good health, love and acceptance, a thriving career, status, successful children, even physical appearance—that compete with who God says they are. The constant striving to find satisfaction in these areas is exhausting. God’s invitation to us is simple, yet difficult to implement. He invites us to stop striving, and rely solely on Him for our true identity, knowing that He alone will satisfy our deepest longings.

Through exposition of God’s word and personal application of truths, this book helps the reader identify where she is relying on her own strength, rather than the power of God at work in her life, and then guides her in discovering how to look to God for her true identity.

This engaging book, complete with space for responding to thought-provoking questions, is useful for individual study and group discussion.

What they’re saying 

This is an excellent personal or group study using different women in the Bible and how they struggled with or were confident with their identity in Christ. It helps us to find out if we are seeking our identity in our work, our children, our looks, or possibly our community status. Or maybe we are struggling with having our identity in our illness or past baggage. In each of these areas, the study helps us to find how we can find our true worth, value, significance, and identity in Christ.

It helped me in several areas: one specific area is that my chronic illness does not mean that God loves me less. She gives specific ways to overcome our particular identity struggles so that we can be confident that we are God’s Beloved daughters!!

Another way it helped me, instead of looking at a list of what my identity in Christ is, it actually helped me to see what “my identity in Christ” means and how to make it personal.

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