Notre Dame and the End of Time

Those who know me well know that my moniker, BonjourBonnie, is genuine. I am an ardent Francophile. And so it comes as no surprise that the ravaging by fire of the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris has affected me greatly. Friends and family members reached out to me...

Questions of Grief

  Grief saunters in, uninvited, turning the warmth of summer’s heat cold with winter’s frost. Grief is the unwelcome companion of the death of a loved one.   Or the death of a friendship.   Or the death of a wish-dream.   Grief is stealthy, coming...

Peace in These Days

My last post began with these words, Last week I buried my beloved father. Today begins as an echo from the depths of a heartbroken daughter,   Last week I buried my beloved mother.   Exactly one month separated my father’s departure into Glory from my...

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