God Has Been Good to Me

Last year’s joint birthday celebration, Dad turning 94 and Mom a young 38! Psalm 106:1-5; Psalm 71 I visited my parents today. My mom is 93, my dad 95, and they are both wheelchair-bound and exhausted. To say they have slowed down is a vast understatement. Our...

The Suffering Savior

Mark 14:43-15:47, The Betrayal and Crucifixion   If you ask many people what was the overarching life purpose of Jesus of Nazareth, they would say, “to be a great teacher.” Others might say that He came to bring miraculous healing. Jesus did teach; but His...

New Morning Mercies

                                                                                                                         Lamentations 3   When my children were younger, I used to read to them every night before bed. It was the sweetest, most anticipated part of...

This is the Day

Psalm 118         I can remember singing a simple little song when I was a child called “This is the Day”. It was one of those catchy tunes with all the echoes and repeats that were so popular in the folk music of the 1970s. We sang it in the round in Sunday School,...

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